what i do

I design and create using a wide range of medium. I am knowledgeable in numerous computer programs, both on Mac and PC.
For architectural design, I use:
AutoCad, ArchiCad, Vectorworks, 3dsmax, Sketchup.
For visual communication, I use:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Firework, Flash, InDesign, HTML, simple CSS.
For office work, I use:
Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
For motion picture, I use:
Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas.

Please check out my complete portfolio and resume.

about me

I was born on May 1985 in Hong Kong. At the age of 15, I moved to the Bay Area, California, independently. I graduated at the University of California, Davis in 2008, majoring in Interior Architecture Design and Art Studio. During my time in Indigo Architects, I perform a variety of tasks, from drafting and 3D modeling, to creating samples board and computer troubleshooting. I am also an expert in high dynamic range photographic imaging. On the side, I enjoy drawing lines and squares, sometimes circles and rectangles, occasionally triangles and curves.

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Here is what I can do for you:
Drafting, detail drawing, 3D modeling, web design, print design, photo editing, and much more. I want to work for you!


Man Yip Li

I am an experiential designer who studied at the University of California Davis, majoring in Interior Architecture and Art Studio.


University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Science in Design - Interior Architecture - Winter 2008

University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Art in Art Studio - Interior Architecture - Winter 2008

Work Experience

Ipomoea films
Lead Photographer, Cinematographer and Designer, February 2010 - present

- Maintain inventory of photography equipment such as cameras, lights, props, and materials.
- Communicate and meet with clients.
- Direct and perform on site photography and videography duties for events.
- Develop and manage the process of production and editing high-res photos and short films.

Indigo | Hammond + Playle Architects
Designer and Drafter, August 2009 - 2011

Under the direction of Project Architects and Principles, assisted work includes details/ plans/ elevations/ sections draftings, 3D model buildings, realistic renderings, site and building code analysis, design development, order samples, and marketing research.

University of California, Davis, VET SERVICES
Artist (Contract), May 2009-September 2009

Create, draw and design PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) training posters for use across campus and medical centers.]

California Aggie Newspaper, Davis, CA
Graphic Artist, Spring 2008-Spring 2009

- Develop + create visual elements for college newspaper, at approximate 13,000 copies distributed daily.
- Conceptualize and illustrate attractive ads for local businesses.
- Maintained work space and organized documents.
- Supervised and trained new personnel.

- Arrange and formate articles to be accurately placed in newspaper format.

- Complete and proofread the layout by deadlines.

California Aggie Newspaper, Davis, CA
Layout Artist, Spring 2007-Fall 2008

- Arranged and formated articles to be accurately placed in newspaper format.
- Completed and proofread the layout by deadlines.


Architectural Rendering
Web Design
Print Design
Photo Editing

Digital Knowledge

AutoCad, ArchiCad, Vectorworks, 3dsmax, Sketchup, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Firework, Flash, InDesign, HTML, simple CSS, Word, Excel, Premiere Pro


Photography and making films

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